Ohio officers pepper spray teens at party

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EUCLID, Ohio (WTAP) An end of the school year party ended in chaos when Ohio police pepper sprayed kids at the party.

The incident unfolded at a skating rink.

The owner, Miguel Sanders, said he was holding an end of the year party for teens.

He says everything was fine until police showed up.

Sanders says police insisted he was over capacity and they needed to disperse the crowd.

He says there were only 250 kids inside the rink and the capacity is over 400.

Sanders says the whole thing terrified him.

"They basically stormed into the building like a swat unit. So they went in looking like a militant group with rifles on their back. It was frightful to me let alone we are talking about 13, 14 15 year old kids,” Sanders said.

Police have not released a statement on the incident.