Ohio ranked one of highest sex-trafficking states in nation

Published: Feb. 23, 2019 at 3:27 PM EST
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Right here in the Buckeye State lies an underworld burning with under-aged sex and prostitution.

“Ohio actually in the U.S. ranks as high as fourth in terms as the most prevalent use of Sexually trafficked people,” said Bruce Keller with Compass Ministries, an organization that strives to provide hope and services to women who have been victims of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.

Keller says the sad part is the Age that most women are when they fall victim to sex trafficking.

“The Average age they’re seduced into getting into being trafficked is 13."

Thanks to this new world of technology, there’s a chance your kids could possibly be at risk.

“There’s estimates that any one time there are 50,000 predators online, on facebook, on other social media, looking for their next victim,” said Keller.

It’s best to monitor what your children’s devices to make sure they don’t end up falling down the rabbit hole. Once they’re in, the average time span spent in this world of prostitution is about 7 years.

“This is a one way ticket. You don’t get the return trip when you are being trafficked. It’s unusual that they get out alive,” concluded Keller.

If you ever feel like you or someone you know could soon be or is already a victim of sex trafficking, police are urging you to call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1888-373-7888.

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