UPDATE: Parents Arrested, Accused of Arranging Two Abortions for Then 11-Year-Old Girl

Published: Mar. 8, 2013 at 11:42 PM EST
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UPDATE 3/11/13 @ 6:30 p.m.

CABELL COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) – We continue to follow the arrest of a mother and father, after West Virginia State Police say they consented to two abortion-like procedures within 15 days for their then 11-year-old daughter.

Michael and Amanda Adkins were arrested Friday night on charges of child neglect causing the risk of injury.

Up until the abortion, all the health care professionals involved in this case were in touch with investigators. That included a therapist and a physician who confirmed the pregnancy. Then, an abortion clinic in Charleston performed the procedure but didn't notify authorities. We wanted to find out why, so we checked the laws.

In West Virginia, a health care professional is only required to report a situation like this if they suspect abuse. There is no mandate for reporting an underage pregnancy -- even with a patient as young as 11.

We found out the same is true in Ohio. The Department of Job and Family Services says doctors, teachers, and others in positions of authority are required to contact authorities in cases like this, only if they suspect abuse.

In Kentucky, however, anyone under the age of 12 becoming pregnant is automatically classified as first-degree rape. So there, authorities are required to be notified.

In this case, because the abortion was not reported by the abortion clinic -- and the parents did not tell anyone it was done -- state police say the parents were able to go back to the doctor that was working with investigators and tell him the girl was having symptoms of a miscarriage. He then performed a D&C procedure, unknowingly putting the girl in danger.

“That point was withheld, which makes it pertinent in her health and her safety,” West Virginia State Police Cpl. Marlene Moore said. “That's where the neglect creating risk of injury comes in. The parents neglected to take care of her needs -- her basic needs and put her in extreme danger by letting her go through an unnecessary procedure-- be put under anesthesia when they knew that that had been performed before."

So far, paternity tests have proven inconclusive. State police are still investigating and say the circumstances under which she became pregnant are suspicious.

Michael and Amanda Adkins were indicted by a Cabell County grand jury.

We are expecting to learn more information about the case when those indictments are made available to us this week.

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ORIGINAL STORY 3/8/13 @ 10:30 P.M.

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Parents of a 12-year-old girl were arrested Friday after allegedly arranging two abortions for the girl within 15 days, West Virginia State Police say.

Michael and Amanda Adkins of Cabell County were indicted this week by a grand jury on charges of child neglect causing the risk of injury.

State Police and Child Protective Services (CPS) workers were brought in on the case last year after a doctor first reported the pregnancy.

But troopers say the Adkinses -- unbeknownst to anyone in on the investigation -- arranged for a private abortion at a clinic in Charleston. Then, 15 days later, they went back to the first doctor and reported symptoms of miscarriage. The girl was only 11 at that time.

Troopers say that doctor then performed a second procedure, which could have been extremely dangerous for the girl.

A tip eight months later to State Police Cpl. Marlene Moore led to the grand jury indictments.

Now, a paternity investigation is underway.