Parents charged after 1-year-old dies from shaken baby syndrome

Published: Oct. 26, 2018 at 10:02 AM EDT
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A mother and father are charged in the death of their 21-month-old infant.

Shelva Smith and Tyler Randall were placed under arrest Thursday and charged with death of a child by parent or guardian and gross child neglect resulting in injury or death.

The child died from shaken baby syndrome, according to the Fayette County deputies who handled the investigation.

The complaint said the investigation was launched by the Dept. of Health and Human Services after a child abuse complaint was made at Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC). The child initially arrived at Plateau Area Medical Center and survived for four days.

Despite multiple accounts by both parents as to what happened, a pathological examination by Dr. Allen Mock at the hospital revealed the child died of “hypoxic encephalapathy following a four day hospital stay consistent with traumatic brain injury due to abusive head trauma.” The manner of death was determined to be “homicide.”

A search of the home by deputies revealed evidence of drug use, including aluminum foil with burnt Heroin. Throughout their multiple interviews with law enforcement, but both parents denied shaking the baby in a violent manner.

Smith is currently being held in Southern Regional Jail (SRJ.)