People in Hurricane voice concerns with Suddenlink internet

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 8:58 PM EST
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While having internet trouble is something we all may experience from time to time, people in Hurricane say, it occurs almost daily.

"It's very slow and that's kind of frustrating," said Kara Rose, a woman who lives in Hurricane. "You pay for something and you at least want a majority of what you pay for to work properly so, that's kind of disheartening too."

Rose says if her Suddenlink internet is working at all, it's incredibly slow and her husband has to rely on the internet for his work.

"I can't tell you how many times he's gotten a call that says, 'hey I didn't get your paperwork', well I sent the paperwork."

Mayor Scott Edwards of Hurricane says Kara is not a lone solider, he takes calls almost daily about Suddenlink internet issues throughout the city.

"I get complaint, after complaint, after complaint and of course I tell the folks where to go to," Edwards tells WSAZ. "They need to go to Suddenlink and file a complaint with the Attorney General's office."

Edwards says he plans to file a large complaint with the Attorney General's office if services do not improve.

"We're just about near the year 2020 and some people in West Virginia don't have internet but here in Hurricane and Putnam county, most of us have internet and it's actually gotten worse than better."

WSAZ reached out to Suddenlink for a statement, their parent company, Altice USA responded in part:

"...The recent upgrade of our billing system has caused a delay in response times in some of our customer-facing channels. However, over the past weeks, we seen an decrease in call volume and increase in those response times..."

A Suddenlink spokesperson also says people with problems should call and report them.

When problems are reported, Suddenlink can look at each case individually.