UPDATE: Crash victim remembered for her caring heart

Published: May. 30, 2018 at 11:38 AM EDT
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UPDATE 5/30/18 @ 5:55 p.m.

A woman is being mourned after her SUV was found in Lawrence County, Kentucky on Wednesday morning.

Judy Wilks was just a couple hundred yards from home and on her way to take some relatives to a food pantry in Fallsburg. Her family believes she had a heart attack as she was behind the wheel.

"God took her home," said Judy’s cousin Elizabeth Berry.

Berry just narrowly missed being in the car, too. Helping others is just what Wilks did.

So in some ways it's no surprise she was coming down just a couple hundred yards to pick up Berry for the regular food pantry at a local church because Berry’s vehicle was still in the shop. Wilks appears to have had a medical episode around 9:45 a.m.

"She was very wonderful. Always thought about other people,” Berry said. “It will be very hard. She will definitely, definitely be missed."

The tire tracks show her veering off San Branch Road, about a mile north of Yatesville Lake in rural Lawrence County.

A neighbor saw the car. Berry's husband found Wilks' body slumped over the wheel.

"You wake up one minute thinking you're going to go to town and do what you need to do to losing a loved one. It's hard."

Berry will remember Wilks’ special relationship with her dog, Haley, who she found crying in the woods and adopted.

"That dog and her husband were her world and her the rest of her family too,” Berry said.

Now, the family is in mourning.

Berry won't forget her resting spot, a creek that she will drive by every time she leaves her house. She said she’ll now wonder what could have been done different.

"Probably look at it every time we go," said Berry.

But she adds comfort is found in knowing this is not her cousin's final resting spot. That is up in heaven.

"She's up there having a good ole time. She's not feeling no pain. She up there where she belongs."

Wilks was born in 1961.

Sheriff Garrett Roberts says her death was not caused by the crash, but likely due to a medical issue. Berry tells us Wilks had experienced a few chest pains in recent days.

UPDATE 5/30/18 @ 3:50 p.m.

The name of a woman who is dead after crashing her car in Lawrence County, Kentucky has been released.

Deputies and family members confirmed to WSAZ Judy Wilks died Wednesday.

Lawrence County Sheriff Garrett Roberts says it appears Wilks died from a medical issue before crashing.

It happened on San Branch Road which is in the Fallsburg area.

Wilks lived in the 1200 block of that road.

Her car was the only vehicle involved in the wreck. Investigators say she was the only person in the car.

According to 911 dispatchers, the call came in just after 9:30 Wednesday morning.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office is investigating.


At least one person is dead after a crash in Lawrence County, Kentucky Wednesday morning.

Dispatchers confirm the accident is fatal.

It happened on San Branch Road which is in the Fallsburg area.

According to 911 dispatchers, the call came in just after 9:30 Wednesday morning.

Only one car was involved in the wreck.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

No other information is available at this time. There's no word on how many people were in the vehicle.

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