Police planning to be out helping with back to school traffic

ASHLAND, KY. (WSAZ) -- As schools across the region are heading back to class, police are doing their own homework preparing to help with traffic tie ups.

Officers plan to help with the stress and congestion the first couple weeks of back to school traffic.

Ashland Police Chief Todd Kelley says the first couple of weeks are always chaotic around schools during drop off and pick up. Most of the issue is because drivers forget the traffic patterns over the summer, or they’re new to that school and aren’t sure how drop-off or pick-up works.

“It’s going to be congested, it’s going to be busy,” Kelley warned.

Kelley adds the department will be very visible around schools during drop-off to help direct traffic and make sure it all goes smoothly, and most important, safely for students heading to class.

He says drivers should take note of lowered speed limits in school zones, as well as pay close attention near crosswalks.

If you have a teenager driving themselves to school for the first time, you should talk to them and remind about the rules of the road around schools.

Kelley says the congestion usually lasts a couple of weeks before everyone gets the hang of things.