UPDATE | Neighbors clean up after Sunday's storms as more roll in

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WEST PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WSAZ) -- UPDATE 6/17/19 @ 7:15 p.m.
John Windsor has lived on Stoney Run Road in West Portsmouth most of his life.

Downed trees and high water affected parts of West Portsmouth, Ohio, and elsewhere in the Tri-State region.

Although he's seen his fair share of storms, Sunday's storm was one of the worst he's seen.

"This is the second time that I’ve seen it this bad really it's just been the second time,” he said.

After the last big storm, he made sure to take precautions for high water.

"Our old house sat a little bit lower so I raised this one a little higher when I built it just because of that, because the water had got up so high,” Windsor said.

The storm last night washed out Stoney Run Road completely, even causing the road to buckle.

"It was pretty bad down there,” he said. “We got two sump pumps running under this house over here. We were lucky that the electric didn’t go off here."

Just down the road, church members were stranded after water flowed over it.

Sunday night, there were trees down throughout the Tri-State. A tree in Ashland smashed through a car, just missing a house. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Now Windsor and his neighbors are cleaning up after the storm and preparing themselves for the next ones to roll in.

"Just clean up. I've been out here all morning cleaning all the trash and stuff up,” he said.

But Windsor says he's taken extra steps to get ready.

"I got that damned up over there cause it was washing, washing everything out so bad over there,” he said.

But he and his neighbors aren’t scared of what’s to come.

"Nature is nature, it's all you can do,” neighbor Ricky Swords said.

To prepare for severe storms, you can clear out your gutters, secure anything in your yard, and clear debris out of drains near your house.

Before the storms hits, you should also make sure to fully charge your phone and fill up your car with gas.

If you are caught outside during a storm, be sure to avoid any areas with high water. Turn around, don’t drown.

After the storm, be sure to stay vigilant for downed trees and power lines.

Severe thunderstorms that rolled through the region Sunday night caused issues for thousands in our area, including in the Portsmouth area.

Downed trees and high water were among the issues residents were facing. While the water had receded by Monday, some neighbors were faced with cleanup.

Elsewhere in the Tri-State, a tree fell in Ashland, Kentucky, hitting a truck and taking down a power line. No one was inside the truck when it happened.

Along with reports of high water, there were trees down throughout Lawrence and Scioto counties in Ohio, as well as in parts of Boyd and Greenup counties in Kentucky.

Our meteorologists say conditions are favorable for another round of storms Monday afternoon and evening. After all the rain that has fallen, flash flooding remains a concern.

If you encounter high water while driving, you’re encouraged to turn around and don’t drown – advice first responders say should never be ignored.