President brings bully pulpit, campaign stump to Ohio

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- President Donald Trump will take his bully pulpit and campaign stump to Ohio Wednesday. His economic message is expected to drive speeches from both.

The president will visit the nation’s last remaining army tank manufacturing facility in Lima, Ohio Wednesday afternoon. The facility faced closure over the last two decades with slipping demand for military vehicles – but has new life following a recent tank order from the Pentagon.

White House spokespeople said this trip is aimed at reaffirming the president’s commitment to the military. In a social media post late last year the president called the U.S. defense budget crazy, but in his recent budget proposal, Trump called for a five-percent spending boost.

“Economic security is national security, it’s so important,” said Peter Navarro, an economic advisor to the president. “We’ve lost so many jobs off-shore in our manufacturing and defense industrial base, and this president, he’s doing a great jobs,” Navarro added, “every day he wakes up, he thinks about how to get good manufacturing jobs back within the borders of this country.”

Over the weekend, the president fired off a series of tweets, criticizing General Motors for its plan to close the Lordstown, Ohio plant. The auto-manufacturer previously told Congress plant closures in Ohio and elsewhere are the only way to keep the company financially stable.

President Trump’s speech is scheduled for 2:30 Wednesday afternoon. He’ll also host a 2020 campaign fundraiser in Canton as he looks to hold onto the White House for another four-year term.

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