Proposed project to widen congested Kanawha County road

CROSS LANES, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A West Virginia Division of Highways proposal is looking to give a little more wiggle room to one of the tightest roads in Kanawha County. The proposal would add two more lanes to Goff Mountain Road and Big Tyler Road in Cross Lanes.

DOH map shows proposed widened road in Cross Lanes, West Virginia.

"It's about time, hopefully this will happen this time," resident Richard Gerkin said. "This would be very good. We were pleased to see that and I think that was the biggest thing. Hopefully they can pull it off with budgetary concerns the way they are."

In a letter delivered to Gerkin and other neighbors, the DOH said 25,000 vehicles drive this stretch of road each day. It said the proposal would reduce traffic delays, increase road capacity and improve safety.

"I've noticed and I think we have noticed here recently that there have been a significant number of accidents coming and going here too with all of the frustrations that occur and so on," Gerkin said.

He said it is often impossible to turn out of his neighborhood during rush hour. The map included with the letter appears to show the road going through existing buildings.

"It's kinda hard to tell what is going to have to go," Gerkin said. "I drove down there the other day, and it's hard to pick it out. There is maybe wiggle room to fit it in there and not take out too many houses and businesses, and I hope they can do that. That would be the best option."

The DOH will hold a community meeting from 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 16 at Cross Lanes Baptist Church to answer questions and listen to concerns the public has about the project.

The Department of Transportation was unable to speak with WSAZ for this story. The Office of Communications issued this statement:

"While this meeting provides us the important opportunity to introduce the public to this proposed project, no final determinations about the scope of work have been made at this time.

"The purpose of the meeting is simply to communicate the results of traffic studies that have been completed in the area and to introduce a proposed solution to frequent traffic backup.

"The Department of Transportation is aiming to be as transparent as possible to arm the public in the area of Goff Mountain Road and Big Tyler Road with all the knowledge they need to be informed about the proposed project. We encourage anyone and everyone with concerns or questions to attend the meeting and allow us to address them at that time."