Racist drawing found at Charleston high school; investigation underway

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A racist drawing is being investigated at a Charleston high school.

Police and school system officials are investigating after a drawing was found at George Washington High School.

The drawing shows a person hanging from a tree, with a rope around their neck. Next to the picture it says, "I have Black in my family tree. He's still hanging there."

A student allegedly took a picture of the drawing and posted it to social media. Students brought the photo to the attention of school leaders, according to police.

Concerned students reached out to WSAZ after the picture was shared on social media Wednesday. It is unclear when the picture initially surfaced. Many people commenting on the photo are outraged and calling for action against the student who first shared the photo to one of his social media accounts.

Charleston Police tell WSAZ their resource officer at the George Washington High School is aware of the drawing. Police say they found it under a desk in one of the school's classrooms.

Police do not know if a current student drew the picture or if it was left there from a previous school year.

Students have been out of school for most of the week due to weather concerns.

WSAZ reached out to Kanawha County Schools to see if they were aware of the incident and what is being done. A spokesperson tells WSAZ the Kanawha County Schools Security Director is now aware and is in the process following up with the school.

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