Rats take over Pike County neighborhood

The Huddles say they have caught nearly 20 rats within a week. (Courtesy: Rosa Huddle)
The Huddles say they have caught nearly 20 rats within a week. (Courtesy: Rosa Huddle)(WSAZ)
Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 6:20 PM EST
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McCarr is just about like every other community in eastern Kentucky, but it has one thing that stands out -- rat traps everywhere.

For more than a month, John and Rosa Huddle, along with their neighbors, have seen rats slowly take over their neighborhood.

“My husband drives a school bus and he lets little kids off down (the road) and he kept coming home telling me, 'you should see how many rats are down the road,’ ” Rosa Huddle said.

According to the neighbors, the main colony of rats remains on a hillside just down the road from the Huddle’s home. One neighbor has even mentioned that when he first saw it, he thought he saw the slope moving

“I saw that hillside,” Rosa Huddle said. “It looks like it's been shot with baseballs. The whole side of the hill and I said ‘daggum.’ So I called the health department.”

The Pike County Health Department has told WSAZ that they have gone above and beyond what is necessary in this situation. In order for more action, a formal complaint would have to be filed.

Neighbors say the issue is continuing and even escalating after the health department's assistance. And with the rat population rising, they don't know how much longer they can deal with it.

“Catching one or two a night is not going to work,” John Huddle said. “They're going to have to do something ... something drastic is going to have to be done.”

“We can't afford to feed the rats and keep our lights on,” Rosa Huddle said.

She said she filed a formal complaint with the Pike County Health Department on Monday.

WSAZ reached out to the Pike County Health Department earlier this week for an interview. As of Wednesday evening, the department has not replied.