Residents believe thieves using new technology to break into vehicles in Virginia

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT/Gray News) - Residents of the Grove Community near Richmond, Va., believe a new device is making it easy for thieves to access their valuables in their vehicles.

Thieves are caught on camera going through vehicles in a neighborhood near Richmond, Va. The thieves might be using a new technology for the thefts. (Source: WWBT)

The Chesterfield Police Department confirms more than 12 vehicle break-ins in that neighborhood since Aug. 1.

“It’s scary. I was home alone with two kids,” Christy Gasiorowski said. “I went out to check the cars and he had forgot to lock his and I noticed everything was rummaged through. Everything in the console was taken out and scatted everywhere.”

Across the street and in other parts of the neighborhood, valuables were taken and discarded like trash.

“They don’t even look at it. They take things and walk and you see things scattered throughout the neighborhood,” Gasiorowski said.

A neighbor across from her caught video on a security camera. When the man sees the camera, he raises the scarf over his face.

Police have not identified him as a suspect.

Gasiorowski says they are looking at installing more cameras.

“We have it on the front of our house and our garage is on the side of our house so it didn’t pick it up on camera. We are thinking about adding an additional camera just to have our cars protected,” Gasiorowski said.

Another video caught looks to show two suspected thieves walking up and easily opening the doors of this truck.

Mechanic Billy Allen says thieves are taking advantage of new car technology frequency.

“This is all pretty new to this area and I think the more time goes on the more we are going to see this,” Allen said. “That’s exactly what they are doing, they have somehow figured out the frequency the key emits where you walk up to the car and unlock it. They are duplicating that frequency and you can see they are getting right into that vehicle.”

As Chesterfield police investigate the multiple cases, this community won’t sleep as peacefully until the suspects are caught.

“We are all on guard right now and on our toes watching. I heard of neighbors sitting on their porches at night reading books in the quiet waiting for the people to walk up and down the street and make her rounds,” Gasiorowski said.

Chesterfield police aren’t convinced the new device is being used, but residents aren’t taking any chances.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Chesterfield Police.

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