Richard Cordray gears up for close Ohio gubernatorial election

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSAZ) – With only days until one of the closest gubernatorial races in the country, Richard Cordray is making his case on why he should be Ohio’s next governor.


While at a stop on the campus of Ohio University’s southern campus, Cordray spoke with WSAZ’s Nick Oliver about his hopes for the upcoming race.

During his speech, Cordray focused on three principles that he wants to grasp as he works toward the biggest office in Ohio. He says infrastructure, including roads, is a focus along with broadband internet for any student who needs WiFi.

He says another goal is to create a stronger sense of small businesses in all counties where he hopes money spent will no longer go to Columbus but back into the pockets of business owners.

As he gets closer to Election Day, many question his stance on Issue One. It's an initiative on the ballot that would mean less penalties for minor drug offenders. Sheriffs in southeastern Ohio have been extremely vocal about their disagreements.

Attorney General Mike DeWine says the move would only bring more narcotics into the state and cause more crime.

WSAZ will have a special on Mike DeWine on Thursday.

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