UPDATE | Parents react to rise in Kentucky E. coli cases linked to kids eating fast food

Published: Mar. 28, 2019 at 10:34 AM EDT
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UPDATE—3/28/19 @ 11 p.m.

It only costs a few dollars, but your next trip through a fast food drive-thru might cost you a trip to the doctor.

The Kentucky Department of Public Health issued an alert about a sudden increase in E. coli cases in kids and teenagers linked to fast food.

For busy parents like Latisha White, it helps to get food on the table on a busy night.

"They eat it 5 times a week it's a lot easier for us, but it's scary because you never know what you're giving them,” she said.

While most of the cases have been reported in central Kentucky, there are concerns it could spread to our region.

Kinsley Young is 17 and works at a local grocery store. She usually doesn’t have time to pack a lunch for work and gets fast food on her breaks.

"I hope it doesn't come here because like I said that'd be really hard for me,” Young said.

But not everyone is worried. Jamie Watterson is a retired nurse and grabbed some food on the go for her granddaughter’s dinner.

“It can be a concern, but right now, no,” she said.

She has some advice she hopes everyone will follow.

"Just watch where you go and wash your hands,” Watterson said.

ORIGINAL STORY—3/28/19 @ 10:34 a.m.

The Kentucky Department of Public Health has issued an alert stating there is a sudden increase in E. coli cases, and it is linked to fast food,


The alert states the E. coli 0103 cases were reported Mar. 5-25 with children and teenagers. The health department has confirmed 19 cases, and most are in central Kentucky.

The health department says those affected have had an "extensive exposure to fast food."

The outbreak isn't limited to young people. Acute diarrhea is a symptom of E. coli 0103. You are asked to seek medical attention and if you believe you may have E. coli.