Rough, rowdy and springy Saturday weather

From May-like warmth to April showers and March-like winds, Saturday's weather will be preview of what's to come this spring. Chief meteorologist Tony Cavalier has the not so wintry story.

HUNTINGTON/CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- The second weekend of the new year is upon us and if Friday is any indication... who needs to vacation at Myrtle Beach? Highs made 68 in the River cities of Huntington-Ashland-Ironton and Charleston compared to 64 with a cool breeze off the cold 55 degree ocean at Myrtle.

But 68 is just a start as temperatures are set to soar into the mid and upper 70s on Saturday. The exact high will be determined by the amount of sun and the strength of the wind. In perfect harmony of wind and sun, 80 degrees is a possibility though right now the official temperature I am predicting is 76 in Huntington and 77 in Charleston. Keep in mind the warmest temperature recorded in January is 81 (1932) in Charleston and 79 (1963) in Huntington.

Of course abnormally warm weather in winter is often accompanied by severe weather and in this case the wind not the rain will be the star of the heavy weather show on Saturday.

First off the wind will blow hard all day and night long strengthening from fresh in the morning (15-25 mph) to fast in the afternoon (20-35 mph) and possibly briefly ferocious in the evening (when the wind may reach 45-50 mph in gusts).

The daylight hours should remain mainly rain free (save for a passing shower or sprinkle) before the evening sees a rush of wind and rain from a rowdy squall. The timing of the squall is a bit uncertain and will need to be updated using the WSAZ weather APP and radar tracking tools. Most likely window for 1-2 hours of rain (half hour downpour) and the 50 mph rush of the wind is in the 5 until 10 pm slot, with 5-6pm points west toward Vanceburg-Portsmouth-Jackson OH, 8pm along the Ohio River from Parkersburg to Huntington to Paintsville and 9-10pm along I-79, I-77 from Charleston south along Route 119 into Boone, Logan, Mingo, Pike Ky.

With the highest winds comes the risk of power and cable TV flickers. Scattered power outs are a distinct possibility.

To recap the daytime hours will be dry but windy for tennis, golf, landscaping and car washing. With the mid-spring warmth the windswept day will preclude climbing a ladder to pull down Christmas decorations. And please do not do any spring cleanup burning of brush.

Then as we settle in to watch football night in America from San Francisco, the windows will rattle, the rain will pour down for a brief time but hopefully the TV will stay on as the Niners and Vikings duke it out on the gridiron! Al, Chris and Michele will report on a 50 degree, windy day from the city by the bay!