Hometown Hero | Samantha Mcie

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ST. ALBANS, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- While Samantha Mcie is just 7 years old, earlier this month she took a leap of courage that some adults may not have even been able to face.

A brave and courageous 7-year-old girl helped one family say goodbye to their loved one, one last time.

"I heard her hollering over there," said Mcie about her elderly neighbor across the street.

Mcie was outside when she heard her neighbor screaming and she knew she had to jump into action. She got her mom and grandmom, and all three went over to help.

"We had a key to the bottom lock, but for some reason the top lock was locked," said Rachel Jackson, Mcie's mom.

"Apparently she had locked the deadbolt and nobody could get in the house," family friend Donald Fletcher told WSAZ. "We all had keys to the bottom door, but the deadbolt no one had a key for. "

The neighbors realized that their friend had fallen and the only way inside the home was through the small bathroom window -- a window that was the perfect size for only Samantha to get through.

"They were able to lower Samantha down inside and coax her into coming around to open up the door so people could help her," Fletcher said.

"At first she was scared, then I guess whenever she heard her hollering, she jumped into action," Jackson told WSAZ. "She needed help and that was the only way to get her help."

Making young Samantha this week's Hometown Hero.

"I just think it's fantastic for a girl (that's just) seven-years-old to be able to get the courage to go in and help another neighbor out. I just think it's fantastic (and) this country, this world, need more of that," Fletcher said.

Samantha's bravery and courage gave her neighbor's family a chance to hug their loved one, one last time.

The neighbor died a few days later, but Samantha gave them all a chance to say goodbye.

"Her daughter, my son, my family, we all got to talk to her before she passed," Fletcher said.

"I'm beyond proud of her. I mean, she was scared but she jumped into action because she knew she had to save her," Jackson said.