School loses more than 400 completed ACT tests

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. (WRAL/CNN) - Hundreds of high school juniors in North Carolina spent more than three hours taking a college admission test for nothing.

The school's principal blamed the fault on "human error." The tests had not been submitted to the ACT for scoring.

The students had been waiting months to find out how they did and have now learned that’s never going to happen.

Stefanie Phillips, principal at Pine Crest High School, said 440 students took the ACT back in February and March.

The tests were not submitted to the ACT for scoring.

"School and district officials have conducted a thorough investigation, and we determined that this was the result of human error,” Phillips said.
"The district has taken swift and appropriate action to address the oversight as a confidential personnel matter."

The statement did not say whether the tests were misplaced or thrown away or what happened.

This is especially frustrating for students who said they thought they did really well on this ACT.

“People were really utilizing the fact that the school gave us a free test,” said Sonja Wooley, a student at the school. “And so the fact that they had to wait a really long time only to have them just be completely gone, yeah, that’s pretty frustrating.”

The school is planning to offer the test again in the fall at no cost.

The ACT is a standardized test used in college admissions.

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