1,200 hot dogs stolen from Little League

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SCIOTO COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) -- UPDATE 4/15/19 @ 10 p.m.
Coaches believe Little League baseball parks should be one of the places thieves consider off limits.

"I think this would've been one of the places that should've been hands off," Coach Michael Estep said.

A little after midnight Wednesday, somebody broke into the concession stand at the Wheelersburg Little League.

"It's very frustrating," Coach Jon Estep said.

More than $10,000 worth of food and property were stolen -- everything from a PA system to crock pots to Big League Chew -- even first aid kits.

"To think somebody right off the bat at the beginning of our season wants to do that, it's a terrible thing," Jon Estep said.

They're among several victims in the area that came forward in recent weeks.

Deputies say they identified the suspects, Burt and Jessica Copley, thanks to security video and DNA evidence.

They say they found the couple and 8 truckloads of stolen property at their home in Franklin Furnace on Saturday.

Among the stolen items from the concession stand were 1,200 hot dogs.

For the Little League, it was little consolation they got the stolen food back. The president of the league says they had to throw it all out because of health concerns.

"I think it just speaks to the desperation that some unfortunately in this area are living in right now," Michael Estep said.

Investigators say they've already returned most of the stolen property, but they're asking anyone who's been a victim of theft in the Wheelersburg area during the last few months to give them a call at 740-351-1091.

A couple from Scioto County was arrested in connection with several thefts, including more than $10,000 worth of belongings taken from the Wheelersburg Little League, the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

Burt C. Copley, 41, and Jessica Copley, 26, both of Franklin Furnace, face multiple charges.

Deputies say the couple is connected to a slew of thefts, mainly in the Wheelersburg area.

The Wheelersburg Little League concession stand alone had more than $10,000 of food and belongings reported stolen on April 11. Several other victims came forward, including a trucking company, a grocery store and a commercial garage. Deputies say all were notified and able to identify property that had been stolen from them.

Eight truckloads of stolen property were located at the suspects’ home, according to deputies. Investigators also impounded the suspects’ blue minivan that allegedly was used during the thefts.

Burt Copley is charged with breaking and entering, five counts of theft, telecommunications fraud, and six counts of theft. He was taken to the Scioto County Jail. His bond is $200,000.

Jessica Copley is charged with breaking and entering and theft. She also was taken to the Scioto County Jail. Her bond is $16,500.

Investigators say anyone who has been a victim of theft in the Wheelersburg area during the last few months is encouraged to call law enforcement. Anyone with information about the case also is asked to call detectives at 740-351-1091.