Senator Capito introduces new student loan bill

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CHARLESTON, W.VA (WSAZ) -- Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) is working with Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) on new legislation to help communities attract new workers and alleviate student loan debt.

Senator Capito calls this new bill a "win-win" for bringing younger families to the West Virginia area, while helping communities find new workers.

The new bill would help expand on existing post-graduation scholarships by excluding the scholarships from gross income. The bill also aims to help communities with unmet work needs, and communities with a below average number of graduates with a bachelors degree.

“As West Virginia continues to experience economic growth, it’s important younger workers are not constrained by the costs of higher education,” Sen. Capito said. “That’s why I was glad to work together with Senator Peters to develop legislation that will help more people use their higher education to strengthen workforce development here at home and across the country.”

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