Several cars broken into in Paintsville

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) -- Several cars have been broken into in Paintsville.

Several cars on 4th and 5th Street in Paintsville have been broken into.

Police say most have been on 4th and 5th Street, but it is not contained to just that area.

"We've had several. We've actually had some that's not in that area that had the same MO on other streets also," said Paintsville Police Department Captain Jonathan Holbrook.

People who live in the neighborhood say it is usually peaceful.

"It's very quiet as you can tell. It's, you don't ever hear anything so we notice when something's amiss," said Steve Beltcher, who lives in the neighborhood.

Items like laptops, wallets, purses, and sports equipment have been taken. There is surveillance footage from a neighbor which shows suspects looking into a car, but not breaking in.

Police are relying on neighbors.

"We've got a good neighborhood watch that keeps an eye out for us," said Holbrook.

Beltcher is making sure to take all the precautions.

"We also have a lot of lights where we just renovated, and the house is very lit up all the way around at night," said Beltcher. "I leave everything on. Our neighbors leave their porch lights on."

He wants people to be more careful with their belongings.

"They are just trying to grab whatever they can that's easy, and if people wouldn't make stuff so easy to get, they probably wouldn't break in to cars as much," said Beltcher.

Police are telling people to keep their cars locked and parked in well-lit areas, as well as keeping their valuables in their houses.

Police are reviewing surveillance footage and have a possible suspect in the case. They are not releasing any names yet.

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