Sewage issue causes St. Albans High School to dismiss early

ST. ALBANS, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Students came pouring out of St. Albans high school Monday, after an overflow of sewage in the school caused an early dismissal at noon.

St. Albans High School students were dismissed at noon on Monday after sewage overflow impacted the kitchen and several bathrooms.

"I had to leave work to come get my daughter. She had called and let me know and we also got the phone call from the school,” parent Bonnie Trout said.

St. Albans Mayor Scott James says a clog impacted the kitchen and bathrooms on the eastern end of the school.

"We ran the water up through there and we had to go probably about 30 or 40 feet, found the problem, flushed it out, everything that was backed up came out and now it’s running clear,” James said.

Although crews were able to fix the problem quickly and begin the cleaning process, this impacted parents like Bonnie Trout who had to leave work to pick her daughter up.

"When you’re a full-time mom and you’re a single mom and you’re working to provide for your kids, having to stop and do that does make it a little bit of an inconvenience,” she said.

Trout travels for work and wasn't nearby when she got the call.

"I was actually driving for the company that I work for from Huntington West Virginia, to come and get her, 40 minutes out,” she said.

Another parent, Samantha Davis, says she had to cut her studying short to come get her kids.

"It affected me because I’m in nursing school and I do my homework while they’re at school,” Davis said.

But James says the problem was caused by buildup over time. He said they'll have the city’s camera truck come to review the problem as soon as it’s out of the shop.

"Soon as it gets out, we're going to come up. We’re going to run the camera up through there for the county and just make sure there’s no issues that might lead to this again,” he said.

Kanawha County Schools say that they expect St. Albans High School to be open on Tuesday.