Sheriff warns clowns and public as clown sightings increase

Published: Oct. 12, 2016 at 6:17 PM EDT
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MASON COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- The Mason County Sheriff's Department has responded to four reports of clown sightings. So far, though, they haven't been able to track down any of the alleged clowns.

Within the months of September and October, WSAZ has reported creepy clown sightings across the Tri-State and Kanawha Valley.

"We've responded to all four of them and so far we've not been able to confirm any of them," said Mason County Sheriff Greg Powers.

A father of three, Roger Deweese, says his family does not celebrate Halloween for religious reasons, but says he fears for his family's safety as the clown sightings continue.

"I don't want my kids going up to any clowns at all, because of the unknown," he says.

He also says he fears for the chaos that could ensue if the clown sightings continue during the holiday and trick-or-treat nights.

"I would advise parents to be armed ... With these clown sightings, I would absolutely be locked and loaded," he says.

Powers says all four reports have come from different areas in the county, and each calls takes away from county resources, as law enforcement spends time trying to track down the clown.

"If we catch one of them, there are criminal charges that can be pressed for that," he says, hoping that his department catches the next clown before the public does.

"Everybody's carrying firearms, and I'm concerned that somebody is going to get hurt. Heaven forbid somebody gets shot, because somebody's afraid," Powers said.