Special delivery: Identical twin babies are delivered by identical twin nurses at Georgia hospital

ATHENS, Ga. (CNN) – What are the odds?

By chance, the twin nurses Tori Howard and Tara Drinkard got to help deliver twins Addison and Emma Williams. (Source: Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center)

Identical twin newborns were recently welcomed into the world by identical twin nurses.

It happened last month at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

By chance, the twin nurses, Tori Howard and Tara Drinkard, got to help deliver Addison and Emma Williams that day.

Howard works in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and Drinkard is a nurse in labor and delivery.

Brannon Williams, the father of the newborns, said he was happy to hear there would be twins in the delivery room (besides his own).

“I was really nervous about the walk into the C-section room,” he told CNN. “And then learning that, I was like, ‘oh, that’s pretty cool!’ It kind of relaxed me a little bit.”

The babies are doing well and were scheduled to go home Thursday.

Their mother, Rebecca Williams, also works at the hospital, so everyone may be able to keep in touch in the future.

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