Heatwave didn't stop baseball games in South Charleston

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W. Va. (WSAZ) — The heatwave didn't crash the South Charleston Youth Baseball Tournament Saturday.

“There was some concerns with what we were going to do to keep our kids cool and safe but the answers were there," said Mark Blankenship, President of Charleston Central Little League. "The plan was already in place so once everyone knew that, they were comfortable going forward.“

Blankenship says the city and South Charleston Fire Department took all the safety precautions needed to ensure safety for the kids.

“Well you're always a little bit concerned but Little League district three, South Charleston little league and South Charleston Fire Department and the City have made all the necessary arrangements to make sure our kids are safe,“ said Blankenship.

South Charleston Fire Department was on site monitoring the players, umpires and field temperature. The field temperature high was about 150 degrees.

"If we see any player or umpire having heat exhaustion, we will intervene and call the game," said South Charleston Fire Department.

Blankenship says he had no worries knowing the players were taking extra heat breaks and drinking lots of fluids.