State of emergency declared to stabilize slip in Wayne County

WAYNE COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- The Wayne County Commission is declaring a state of emergency to try to get state funding to make a more long-term fix.

A hill along Spring Valley Drive has been slipping more than a year. County leaders in Wayne County are trying to secure state funding before the problems get worse.

For more than a year, a slipping hillside has been giving drivers grief on Spring Valley Drive.

"They try to fix it, and it doesn't do any good," neighbor Mary Holley said.

"We've had traffic stopped and cars messed up," neighbor Nancy Parsons said.

The slip has already destroyed a couple structures.

"There are big rocks that fall off the hill, too," Holley said. "We've had our water turned off numerous times. It's very inconvenient."

Compounding the concerns, there's a sewer line and water line along the road. The fear is if the hill keeps slipping, the lines could break, contaminating the water supply for thousands.

County Administrator Jimmy Boggs says they declared a state of emergency to get state funding. He says an engineer will be trying to figure out how much it'll cost to stabilize the slip.

Popular fishing site Spring Valley Lake is downhill from the where the land's been sliding. They fear a sewer line break could force them to shut down.

The county administrator says they may end up having to move utilities entirely away from that area.