Summersville Elementary School to reopen Wednesday

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 7:51 PM EST
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Summersville Elementary School in Nicholas County will be back in session Thursday after a leak caused a concerning smell that canceled school for two days.

The Nicholas County Board of Education says the smell is not toxic, but the principal will still move any classrooms affected by it.

The leak has been a concern for a few months now. To figure out where it was coming from, school officials smoked the pipes to determine any problem areas. The school board has also done an investigation on the area to find mold or any other issues that may be causing the smell.

The building experts determined that the leak was coming from the ceiling near the gym with a special type of roofing.

In order to fix the leak, technicians are putting a slanted roof on the existing roof, according to a post on the Nicholas County Schools Facebook Page.

The roof addition is expected to resolve the issue by allowing water to flow off the roof instead of pooling on it. Other minor issues, such as the drainage pipes, were fixed in order to help with the drainage on top of the roof.

Building experts have determined the cause of the smell is also due to poor ventilation in the building, which is 70 years old.

Poor ventilation in the building means the air is stationary and those inside are breathing the same air. In turn, the smells in the air linger.

Technicians were not able to find any mold related to the leak, although some parents are still concerned about the smell. The BOE held a meeting Tuesday night to listen to those concerns.

Summersville Elementary School is scheduled to be open on Wednesday.

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