Thousands of dollars in tools stolen from Habitat worksite in Scioto County

SCIOTO COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) -- An organization that works to help others has been targeted by thieves.

Work has come to a halt at this Habitat for Humanity work site along Bonser Avenue in Scioto County, Ohio after thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of tools from a work trailer.

Scioto County Habitat for Humanity has been working on building its first veteran's home along Bonser Avenue. The work on the home began in July.

However, the work has come to a halt after thieves broke into the trailer on the worksite and stole several thousand dollars worth of tools.

John Dials, president of Scioto County Habitat for Humanity, says he discovered the theft on Monday when he came to the work site.

"I came here and I saw a two-wheeler outback by our tool trailer and it wasn't ours and it had some kegs of nails on it," Dials said. "So I immediately came up and my first thought was it was a donation from the carpenters that just finished up our roof for us. When I got to the back of the trailer, I found they had cut the hasp off the trailer. As soon as I opened it, the trailer was in disarray and I just knew we had been robbed."

Dials says several different tools had been taken from the trailer, which was locked, including a table saw.

"Right behind that is all our power tools, and there's also a five-gallon bucket of hammers," Dials said.

He says the thieves also damaged the hasp of the trailer, which will now have to be replaced.

Dials says the most frustrating thing about the theft isn't the fact that someone took from the organization, but the fact that someone stole from the family that will be moving into that home.

"They stole from a veteran," Dials said. "Of all things, you stole from a veteran. I just don't understand of all the people in this country how could you steal from a veteran."

The woman that will be moving into the home is a widow, a mother of three and is a veteran.

The work on the home was scheduled to wrap up in mid-March or the end of March. Dials says with this setback, however, that deadline might be changed since the work has come to a hold for now.

Dials says this is the first time something like this has happened to the organization. He says their volunteers just wrapped up their biggest fundraiser of the year and they were celebrating all their successes when this happened.

"This has been a banner year for us," Dials said. "We have had so many positives coming our way and then to have our tools taken like that for a volunteer organization is an absolute gut-punch."

There are no surveillance cameras set up around the work site. They are now asking everyone to keep an eye out for anyone posting tools for sale online.