3 Scott High School seniors receive top academic scholarships

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BOONE COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Three Scott High School seniors are making their school proud after receiving what their principal says are the most prestigious scholarships at their respective colleges.

Hunter Adkins was awarded the Presidential Scholarship from the University of Charleston. Brooke Burns was awarded the Yeager Scholarship from Marshall University. Piper Cook received the Foundation Scholarship from West Virginia University.

"I cannot put into words how proud I am of these ladies and gentleman," said Scott High School Principal Jacob Messer. "If just one of them had earned the Presidential Scholarship, the Yeager Scholarship, or the Foundation Scholarship, that would have been fantastic. If two of them had done it, that would have been incredible. But for all three of them to do it, it is outstanding."

Messer says Cook is the first Scott High School student to get the Foundation Scholarship from West Virginia University. He says it is rare that all three scholarships were awarded in one year.

"This accomplishment is particularly special to me because it personifies our school motto which is, 'Always be excellent in everything you do.' I say that to our students every day at the end of my morning announcements. Although they hear those words from me every morning, my words do not resonate nearly as loud as Hunter, Brooke, and Piper's actions," said Messer.

He says their graduating class usually receives many scholarships because of their academic intelligence, but says the fact that three students achieved the top scholarships based on solely academic merit is phenomenal.

"They have set a real-life, walking, talking, living, breathing example of academic excellence. They have shown their peers exactly what a Scott High School student can accomplish through hard work. For that, I applaud them and I thank them," said Messer.