Video of father-daughter duo singing 'Shallow' goes viral

Published: Mar. 19, 2019 at 8:44 PM EDT
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Randy Gillispie and his daughter, Autumn, have been singing together for years.

They always sing together in the living room of their house.

But this father-daughter duo has now taken the internet by storm.

"It was a typical night in our house," said Randy Gillispie. "Same thing, just mixing songs up.It was just another night. Nothing different than what we always do."

Randy and his wife had just watched the movie 'A Star is Born' with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and listened to the song 'Shallow,' which the two sing in the film.

"We had just watched the movie. And listening to the song, the passion they sang it with, I just thought 'wow,' Gillispie said. "We are down here every evening down this anyway and Gaga's music is in Autumn's wheelhouse. So I said, 'Autumn, what do you think about this song?' She tried it out and destroyed it right off the bat. And I said, 'well I guess I will try his part' and the next thing you know, we did it."

Randy's wife recorded the two of them singing the song and then posted the video on Facebook.

That video has now gone viral, with more than 13 million people watching it.

"I didn't believe it at first," said Autumn Gillispie, who's only 14. "My mom told me, she said, 'Autumn, it has like 200,000 views,' and I said 'wow, that's crazy.' "Then I was in the car with my aunt and she was like, it's almost hitting one million so I was shocked. I didn't believe it and then it just kept going from there."

"I mean, I looked at the video and thought wow that's a really good video and it sounds good and all that and she killed it," Gillispie said. "It's just hard to believe. We're just a working-class family from West Virginia and this has just gone worldwide. It's awesome. I thought, well this is just another one of those songs. But wow, I think I was wrong."

Autumn says for years she has been singing and recording songs, but never thought that something like this would happen.

"About a week ago, I was sitting here making videos just trying to get it out there that I sing," Gillispie said. "Now it has over 13 million views and it just shows that as long as you continue trying and you chase after what you want, you will eventually work your way up."

Autumn's dad says if this happens to be her big break, he and his wife will stand behind her 100 percent.

"If she goes big, I'm going to be standing there," Gillispie said. "I'm just in the picture. I'm in the song and there just needed to be a male voice in there. So as far as who was showcased and who the real talent is in this family, you've seen it for yourself, she's special. She was born a superstar and this just validates that."

The family already has some appearances on national TV shows booked. The details will be released soon.

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