Roof blown off store, crashes into girl's bedroom window

Published: May. 17, 2019 at 9:18 PM EDT
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UPDATE 5/20/19 @ 10 p.m.

Officials in South Webster say as many as 40 homes were damaged by powerful straight line winds Friday evening.

A family had been working on a 2-story cabin on a hilltop for years. All that work was erased Friday in a matter of seconds.

"I've never seen anything like this before," Carolyn Waldvogel said.

The roof was blown off that cabin, walls were brought down, and furniture was tossed around. Waldvogel says fortunately nobody was in that cabin when the storm hit.

Waldvogel watched from another small cabin next door as wind tipped the camper her stepson, Benjamin Blizzard, was in.

"I looked out this window and saw the camper just go straight up in the air," she said.

"I thought I was gone," Blizzard said.

Blizzard says the camper tipped over and hit and landed against poles, stopping the camper from landing on its side.

"I went to stand up, and a TV started moving toward me and hit me in the head," Blizzard said.

"I was freaking out," Waldvogel said. "I was crying. I was screaming."

Nearby, part of the roof was blown off a hardware store. That section of the roof flew across the street, crashing into a 2-year-old Madelyn Wallace's bedroom window.

"I heard the window shatter," Madelyn's mother, Erin Wallace, said. "I grabbed my kids and hid in the bathtub till it ended."

The family says mercifully, nobody was in that room at the time.

"It just makes me sick to look at the pictures," Wallace said. "We have the changing table set up right in front of that window, so as fast as it happened, I could've just as easily been standing right there changing her, and it would've been right on top of us."

Wallace says employees from that hardware store and neighbors came by to help and make sure everyone was safe.

The Village of South Webster is helping storm damage victims get in touch with a district disaster response coordinator to help with roof repairs and cleaning up debris. To learn more about that, call 740-637-0829.


Heavy wind and rain means people in Scioto County Community of South Webster will have some cleaning up to do this weekend.

According to a post on the Village of South Webster's Facebook page: "Trees, debris, and lines are down all over the Village. Trampolines are in the streets. Please stay home and let people get this cleaned up. Safety, safety, safety people."

WSAZ has a crew headed to South Webster.

Keep checking the WSAZ App for updates.

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