Virtual dance lessons during COVID-19

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HURRICANE, W.Va. (WSAZ)-- While COVID-19 has been challenging for many, people are coming up with creative ways to try and bring back some normalcy to their lives.

One dance studio owner in Hurricane has come up with a creative way to still keep her dance lessons going during COVID-19.

"The amount of people were fifty, then the amount of people were ten so we were like, you know what we better get on amazon and order some brackets to start mounting some video devices," said Beverly Barnett, owner of Dancing Unlimited dance studio in Hurricane.

Barnett's dance studio has over 250 students, including eight competition groups. So she said she had to come up with a way to try and keep dance lessons going in hopes her dancers will be ready for their spring show in May.

"Obviously we've never experienced anything like this," said Barnett.
"I've been in business 35 years and I've never had to do this but it's just so cool, seeing all the kids and their little faces and their giggles and you know they're suffering too."

Barnett along with her two instructors, have been using the Zoom App for virtual weekly dance lessons.

With most things like schools being closed, Barnett said doing virtual lessons helps keep her dancers on their feet.

"It's very different but it's also so much fun," said Regan Phillips, a dancer at Dancing Unlimited. "Just being with all your friends and seeing each other again because, me personally I'm in the studio twenty hours a week so being away from it is very different."

Barnett said while she and her two instructors use different entrances and studios to maintain their social distancing, they're hoping that this temporary solution is short lived.

"It definitely has brought some normalcy back to them and for us," Barnett told WSAZ. "Honestly, the first time we came in here it was like phew everything is going to be okay."

Barnett's students typically have their spring show in May but she hopes to not have it any later than June of this year.