WSAZ's largest project in station's history underway

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WSAZ is involved in one of the largest projects in our station’s history.

It’s not something you will see on your television, but behind the scenes we’re working around the clock to bring you a more reliable signal.

WSAZ is removing and rebuilding two full power transmitter facilities for both WSAZ and WQCW to give you a stronger signal.

During this project, if you receive WSAZ or WQCW over the air by using an antenna in certain areas you may lose signal.

On October 1, WSAZ will make an official transition to our new channels. At that time, you must re-scan your TV or set top box to reestablish our channels. This will allow you to locate the new channels and store them on your TV as they were before.

The new channels will be as follows:
WSAZ - 3.1
WQCW - 30.1

WSAZ will transition from RF Channel 23 to RF Channel 22 and operate at 800kw

WQCW will transition from RF Channel 17 to RF Channel 15 and will operate at 1000kw

If you are experiencing issues and have questions, please call the WSAZ Engineering Department at 304-690-3025. You can also email us at We will respond in a timely manner and help you.

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