W.Va. lawmaker sends letter to WVDOH about safety on portion of Route 35

PUTNAM COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A W.Va. lawmaker has taken his concerns about driver safety on Route 35 in Putnam County to paper, writing a letter to the West Virginia Division of Highways.

Sen. Glenn Jeffries, D-Putnam, has written a letter to the W.Va. Division of Highways, asking them to take a closer look at safety measures on a stretch of Rt. 35.

Sen. Glenn Jeffries, D-Putnam, wrote a letter to state road crews, asking them to re-examine some of the safety measures in place and if any additional measures could be added to help alleviate traffic problems including crashes.

Several crashes have happened along a three-mile stretch of Route 35, specifically the intersection with the Buffalo Bridge.

On Saturday, a semi crashed in the area, closing the road for hours. The driver wasn't hurt.

Drivers in the area say crashes in that spot aren't uncommon.

"It happens a lot," said one driver after the crash. "It's usually semis and it's usually right there on the bridge when they're turning."

Sen. Jeffries has been focusing on this area for several months now after a series of accidents in that stretch, including a deadly crash.

He says he believes many of the crashes that happen in the area are because of semi drivers that are unfamiliar with the area going too fast.

Several changes have already been made in the area to try and make it safer for drivers including new signage and additional patrols.

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And while Sen. Jeffries says the changes have helped to cut down on some of the crashes, he still feels more can be done to prevent any in the future. That is why he is asking the Division of Highways to take a closer look.

Sen. Jeffries says he is waiting on a response. Once he hears back, we will let you know on WSAZ.com and the WSAZ App.

He also asked the Putnam County Sheriff's Department to increase their patrols again in the area.