Waste Management meets biggest little fan in 3-year-old girl

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RENO, NV. (KOLO) One of Waste Management's biggest fans got the chance to meet her beloved garbage man.

A Waste Management employee meets Sage, a WM super fan. (Source: KOLO)

"I asked her if she wanted to meet the garbage man, just the smile on her face and she hasn't stopped for the last couple of days," said Jeff Prokosch.

His 3-year-old daughter, Sage, goes out to the curb nearly every Wednesday to wave as the garbage is picked up at their house. He found it so touching that he recorded it and send it to the company.

"When I seen that little video of her, that million dollar smile, I was like man I have to do this," said sanitation technician Rob Coy. "It just made me so happy"

So he stopped by to meet Sage, bringing a gift bag of Waste Management goodies, and even let her get into the truck and honk the horn.

"This is something that she'll remember for the rest of her life," added Coy.

It's something her firefighter father is seeing from the other side for once.

"Most kids love fire trucks, but since I drive fire trucks, she gets to see them all the time," admitted Prokosch. "So for her, the garbage truck, she just loves it. Makes a lot of noise; they have the cool arm that lifts the garbage."

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