Water main breaks cause 'muddy' discolored water

COAL GROVE, Ohio (WSAZ) -- Residents in Coal Grove, Ohio have been turning on their faucets to find brown, discolored water after several water main breaks in the past week.

Rocella Hardin's water was running almost clear Wednesday.

But according to her, clean running water in her home in Coal Grove has been anything but consistent.

"It comes in so brownish, reddish looking,” she said.

She's one of many Coal Grove residents who have experienced muddy water recently.

Chuck McKnight, the village administrator, says the age of the water lines is to blame.

“Some of these lines are probably the 1950s,” he said.

Although he and his team have been working through the night to keep up with the recent water line breaks, he says more breaks could happen.

"We are trying our heart out over here to keep clean water, but there's nothing we can do about breaks,” he said.

Others say the quality of the water has been an ongoing problem for years.

"It's horrible having to pay for something that you can't use,” said Charles Brown who has lived in Coal Grove his whole life.

One mother even says her family has started to bathe at family members' homes.

"But there's more dirt in the girl’s hair after I wash it than when they get in it,” said Stacy Aldridge.

But there is some hope for those dealing with the problem. The village has applied for grants.

"So yes we're working diligently to try and get new water lines,” McKnight said.

They will know whether they received the grant by next summer.

The village of Coal Grove is offering rust-removing detergent free of charge to those whose clothes have been stained.

The water is expected to be running clear in all areas of the village by Thursday afternoon.

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