WV drivers look forward to governor's plan for secondary roads

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Roads slipping off hillsides, potholes as large as tires and rough road are all things you might encounter while driving on West Virginia’s secondary roads.

In a statement released last Friday, Gov. Jim Justice said that secondary roads are the Department of Transportation's number one priority and that he plans to unveil a plan to accelerate repairs on those roads on Wednesday.

“These roads have been neglected for nearly two decades, and that's not going to continue on my watch," Gov. Justice said. "The people of West Virginia deserve well-maintained roads."

In the past, the governor has mentioned using bond money to improve local roads.

Because of interest rates the bond money the state received last year is now $915 million and only about $11 million has been spent.

But some feel the bond funds could be used elsewhere.

"We do need to have the secondary roads addressed, but I’m not sure that this bond funding is what needs to be used,” Deborah Parsons of Kanawha County said.

Drivers such as Jean Lavender are looking forward to the governor's announcement and hope they'll see improvement on their roads.

Lavender and her family currently take a detour to get to the post office because of massive potholes.

"Just to avoid that cause of the damage it can do to your car,” she said.

Others are hoping the governor's initiative will create jobs and help boost the state's economy.

"Anytime we can put more people to work in West Virginia is a good thing," John Haynes said.