Woman recalls scary late night encounter

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A woman says she was able to fight off a man who was snooping around her friend's house late at night.

It was reported on the 4400 block of 16th Street Road in Huntington after midnight Tuesday.

Linda Holbrook isn't afraid to stand her ground when she feels threatened.

Late Tuesday night, she was at her neighbor and friend's house when she thought she heard animals outside, but when she looked out the window, she says she saw two men.

She says she opened the front door and stepped outside, and one of the men grabbed her hair from behind.

"He was pulling my hair," she said. "Well, I'm kind of like Samson. Don't mess with my hair."

She says she hit the man with her elbow, and she was able to get away.

She says she went back in the house, and her friend called 911.

Holbrook says the men had taken off by the time the sheriff's department arrived.

No arrests have been made.

WSAZ has done a story with Holbrook once before. Back in 2016, she says she fired a gun at a would-be-thief.

Holbrook says she keeps a collection of weapons in her truck, including a machete and a couple spiked balls on a chain and stick, and she says the latest trespassers were quite fortunate she didn't have quick access to them.