Young boy battling cancer for 2nd time gets big surprise

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SOUTH POINT, Ohio, (WSAZ)-- One little boy is a big fan of first responders like firefighters, police, and of course, Batman.

All that and the community of Fayette Township came out in support of Braxton Vaughn Tuesday afternoon.

Braxton is battling brain cancer for the second time just a year later.

A parade fundraiser rolled through South Point to raise money for Braxton's treatments.

The parade was filled with firetrucks, police cruisers, and of course, the caped crusader himself dropped by and gave Braxton a ride in the Batmobile.

The parade went from Burlington all the way to the Fayette Township fire department.

"It gets expensive after awhile. Everybody is family and they're here to help us out." Braxton's mother said.

"We had just been told that Braxton had been diagnosed again," said Amanda Vaden with the Fayette Township Fire Department, "We put in long hours, 24 hours at a time at some points. But it was well worth it in the end, just to see him smile and have a good time."