Young girl credited with dousing house fire before it could spread

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SANDYVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- We’ve seen how quickly flames can destroy lives. But for 8-year-old Kendra Angus, she was determined that wasn’t going to happen.

“She looked there, and the smoke was coming from there,” Kendra Angus explained.

She said she was playing at a friend’s house Sunday when smoke alarms started going off. They saw it was coming from the back of the home, and that’s when Kendra grabbed a fire extinguisher.

“And I was a little scared, but I took it and got it and I took out the first fire, but the wind blew and made it a little bit worse, and then I helped her up the hill and she got it,” the 8-year-old described.

The fire was contained, Kendra’s mom saying she saved that home from going up.

“She stepped up and did her part. I mean if it weren't for her they might not have a house and she might not have made it out with Kendra’s help,” smiled a proud Megan Thompson.

Thompson herself is a firefighter, along with other family members.

“They're just in awe that she was so brave,” Thompson said of the reaction of friends and family.

She says she was shocked Kendra was so calm during the whole situation, adding most kids run or hide.

But she says every family needs to have a plan in place should a fire break out.

“Where to meet outside and not to freak out,” Thompson explained.

As for mom and daughter, saving lives seems to be all in the family.

"I'm very proud of her,” smiled Thompson, tearing up.

Kendra says maybe one day she’ll become a firefighter, just like her mom.

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