100th WV State Am Begins Tuesday

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WHITE SULPHUR SRINGS, WV - The biggest amateur golf tournament in West Virginia begins Tuesday as the 100th State Am tees off at the Greenbrier Resort. The biggest news to surface before the tournament is that two time defending champ Sam O'Dell will not be in it because he'll be coaching his son at the Little League Regionals later this week. That news opened up the tournament for 72 hole event for the remaining players.

Here's the schedule for the next 4 days.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019
Round #1 - Tee Times on Hole #1, starting at 7:30am (The Old White TPC)

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Round #2 - Tee Times on Hole #1, starting at 7:30am (The Meadows)
*Cut low 50 and ties

Thursday, August 1, 2019
Round #3 - Tee Times on Hole #1, starting at 8:00am (The Old White TPC)

Friday, August 2, 2019
Round #4 - Tee Times on Hole #1, starting at 8:00am (The Meadows)
Awards Presentation to Follow

Here are those who were exempt from qualifying for the tournament.

ALL Past Champions
2018 WV Amateur Top 15: Sam O'Dell, Pat Carter, Nick Biesecker, Nick Dent, Mason Williams, Christian Boyd, Mark Johnson, Cam Roam, Philip Reale II, Jess Ferrell, Brian Anania, Chris Williams, Harold Payne, Alasdair Forsythe, Thomas Frazier, Trent Roush

2018 WV Open Top 15 Amateurs: Mason WIlliams, Chris Williams, Drew Green, Christian Boyd, Sam O'Dell, Howie Peterson, Phillip Reale, Ryan Bashour, Brian Anania, Thomas Frazier, Tyler Hillyer, Ryan Bilby, Jess Ferrell, Pat Carter, Adam Yeager

2019 WV Open Top 15 Amateurs: Josef Dransfeld, Phillip Reale, Tad Tomblin, Owen Elliott, Jess Ferrell, Christian McKisic, Chris Daniels, Thomas Frazier, Cole Moore, Chris Williams, Marco Oliverio, Josh Arbaugh, Mitch Hoffman, Sam O'Dell, Mason Kidwell, Christian Boyd

2019 Junior Match Play Champion: Nick Fleming

2018 Junior Amateur Champion: Alex Easthom

2019 Junior Amateur Champion: Todd Duncan

2019 Senior Open, Low Amateur: Pat Carter

2018 Mid-Amateur Champion: Philip Reale II

2018 Senior Amateur Champion: Pat Carter

2018 Senior Amateur Stroke Play Champion: Pat Carter

2018 Senior Series Gross Champion: Mitch Roush