GW's Kalissa Lacy Named Player Of The Year

GW's Kalissa Lacy Named WV Girls Player Of The Year
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It's been quite a week for GW's Kalissa Lacy where on Wednesday she was named captain of the Class AAA All-State team. Then on Sunday, try Girls Player of the Year on for size. The WV Sports Writers Associated gave her the honor ahead of other talented players like Nitro's Baylee Goins and St. Joe's Bailee Adkins.

Lacy averaged almost 25 points per game for the Patriots and won her second straight MSAC scoring title. She's just the 7th underclassman to win the award since 1977. She's also the first George Washington to win the honor. One final note about Lacy and it doesn't bode well for teams next year, she's just a junior at GW.