Hagans Heading To NBA Draft

UK Tops Dawgs Again
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LEXINGTON, KY -- Ashton Hagans is heading out of Lexington to the NBA. He announced on Twitter his intention to be in the 2020 draft and will not be returning to school. For his career, he averaged 11 points per game, 6 assists per game, 3 rebounds and almost 2 steals per game.

He said this on his Twitter page “when I chose to come back for my sophomore year, I had some goals in mind,” Hagans said. “First was to win a national championship. You know it’s killing me that we didn’t get the chance to compete for one this season, but I understand why we couldn’t. But, just know, we would have been right there. The second thing we did, which was to win an SEC championship. I also wanted to become a better all-around point guard. My coaches and my teammates really helped me improve and now I know I’m ready to take the next step."