Mtn East Conference Releases Revised 2020 Football Schedule

 Mountain East Conference Releases Revised 2020 Football Schedule
Mountain East Conference Releases Revised 2020 Football Schedule (WSAZ)
Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 2:34 PM EDT
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Following its announcement last week regarding the return to comptition for this fall, the Mountain East Conference has issued its revised 2020 football schedule. The schedule is a 10-game, round-robin slate that includes Alderson Broaddus.

West Virginia State kept all of its original dates with MEC opponents and added an away game against Alderson Broaddus on Oct. 3 to replace Urbana, which closed in April. The other notable change to the 2020 football schedule is the removal of the Sep. 5 game versus Shippensburg. Non-conference play for fall and winter sports has been eliminated to reduce maximum contests as mandated by the NCAA.

2020 Mountain East Conference

Composite Football Schedule

Week 1 (Sept. 12)

Thur. 9/10: Alderson Broaddus at West Liberty

Thur. 9/10: Charleston at Fairmont State

Thur. 9/10: Notre Dame at Wheeling

W.Va. State at Frostburg State

Glenville State at Concord

W.Va. Wesleyan at UNC Pembroke

Week 2 (Sept. 19)

Thur. 9/17: Wheeling at Alderson Broaddus

Thur. 9/17: UNC Pembroke at Glenville State

Thur. 9/17: Frostburg State at Charleston

West Liberty at Notre Dame

Fairmont State at W.Va. State

Concord at W.Va. Wesleyan

Week 3 (Sept. 26)

Thur. 9/24: Glenville State at Wheeling

Notre Dame at W.Va. State

Alderson Broaddus at Charleston

W.Va. Wesleyan at West Liberty

Concord at Frostburg State

UNC Pembroke at Fairmont State

Week 4 (Oct. 3)

West Liberty at Glenville State

Wheeling at W.Va. Wesleyan

Fairmont State at Concord

Frostburg State at UNC Pembroke

Charleston at Notre Dame

W.Va. State at Alderson Broaddus

Week 5 (Oct. 10)

Fairmont State at Alderson Broaddus

Frostburg State at Notre Dame

W.Va. Wesleyan at W.Va. State

Glenville State at Charleston

Concord at West Liberty

UNC Pembroke at Wheeling

Week 6 (Oct. 17)

Thur. 10/15: Charleston at Concord

West Liberty at Fairmont State

Wheeling at Frostburg State

Notre Dame at W.Va. Wesleyan

Alderson Broaddus at Glenville State

W.Va. State at UNC Pembroke

Week 7 (Oct. 24)

Concord at W.Va. State

Fairmont State at Wheeling

Frostburg State at West Liberty

Glenville State at Notre Dame

UNC Pembroke at Charleston

W.Va. Wesleyan at Alderson Broaddus

Week 8 (Oct. 31)

Thur. 10/29: Notre Dame at Fairmont State

Thur. 10/29: W.Va. State at Glenville State

West Liberty at UNC Pembroke

Wheeling at Concord

Alderson Broaddus at Frostburg State

Charleston at W.Va. Wesleyan

Week 9 (Nov. 7)

Thur. 11/5: Glenville State at Fairmont State

West Liberty at W.Va. State

Frostburg State at W.Va. Wesleyan

Alderson Broaddus at Concord

Charleston at Wheeling

UNC Pembroke at Notre Dame

Week 10 (Nov. 14)

Wheeling at West Liberty

Fairmont State at Frostburg State

Notre Dame at Alderson Broaddus

W.Va. State at Charleston

W.Va. Wesleyan at Glenville State

Concord at UNC Pembroke

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