Neal Brown's Big 12 Presser

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DALLAS, TX - Neal Brown took to the mic today at the Big 12 Media Days with "ready of not, it's football season". Here are some of Browns notable quotes from his 11 minute presser with the Big 12 media Tuesday in Dallas.

On the arrival of the season "this event signals the end of the summer. Ready or not, it's football season and we are ready to go. Our players and staff I can't compliment them anymore. They have really bought in to how we are building our program. We are young...very inexperienced. What we are going to look like in the fall I'm not sure yet. We had 15 on the field practices. We are going to be a group that grows and improves as we go through our Big 12 conference on what is a very challenging schedule."

On being welcomed by WVU fan base "it's one of those things where there's so much energy and so much excitement, you want to make sure that they know we lost a lot from last year and we are going to be a young football team. I think our fan base understands that and there's going to be some patience."

On regional rivalries "where we fit geographically, I think it's important for us to play natural rivals. The series with Pitt is coming up...we play Virginia Tech. Some of those games make sense because it's hard for our fan base to travel so those geographic games...those natural rivals are important for us to play."

On the challenges of the Big 12 "being a play caller in this league for 3 years, I do understand what we are getting into. This is a league with a ton of dynamic offensive playcallers...quarterbacks...playmakers on the offensive side. You will have to score to win games. But I think it's important, if you look at the teams who have had the most success, they were the ones able to run the ball especially when people know you are going to run the ball. Those were the teams who have won close games."

On recruiting "we are always going to try to build our team through high school recruiting. I think that's how you build your foundation. I think it's important to have guys in your program for 4 and 5 years. But we are also going to be creative in how we build our roster. If you look at what we've done over the summer you'll see that. Really it's a year long approach to building our roster. We will take transfers. If you are at West Virginia or the other 9 schools in this league, everybody's done that and we will continue to do that but we are going to build our program through high school football."