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About Us

One of the only public high schools in the nation to serve three states, Tri-State STEM is designed to bring educational opportunities for the unique needs of our local community. We are driven to help students prepare for whatever challenges their future may hold. We believe that a skilled and highly educated work force will drive economic development for our region.

Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School FAQ

What is STEM school?
Everyone asks "what is a STEM school," but the important question is "why do we do what we do?" We believe in preparing students for whatever their future may hold. The challenge of high schools and colleges today is that we are training students for jobs that don't exit yet. We believe that students will not be intimidated by an unknown future if they are empowered to create their own path. Ultimately, our success is defined by the success of our students.

How is a STEM school different?
To be successful in STEM careers, students need a special set of knowledge, skills, and experiences. HOW we approach instruction is through application, problem-solving, innovation, and designing which is focused on the student changing his or her thinking and taking responsibility for learning. Using a project-based approach, students are encouraged to draw connections between subjects and content themes.

What is a STEM school?
Tri-State STEM is a public high school focusing providing students with college-bound pathways to provide knowledge, skills, and experiences in science, technology, engineering, math and medical career fields. We welcome students to take risks, learn from their mistakes, show perseverance in the face of challenges, and advocate for themselves and others.

What kind of diploma do students earn?
As a fully accredited STEM high school, our curriculum is based on the Ohio state standards in all required subjects for graduation. Our four year course of study is designed for all students to receive a STEM honors diploma from the state of Ohio. Students, who qualify, will also have the opportunity to earn college transfer module credits in the college credit plus program from multiple universities including Marshall University, Ohio University Southern, Southern State Community College, and the University of Toledo.

Are you a charter school and how much does it cost?
We are an independent public school district with open admission for all high-school aged students in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. There is no tuition for Ohio residents. Out-of-state residents have a yearly tuition of $6,000. We are recognized by the IRS as a non-profit high school with 501-c status. The STEM school is a different educational option designed to embrace innovations in education and use partnerships with universities and businesses to give students tools to achieve success.