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Nationally Recognized Salon with 8 Master Stylists trained by the industries elite!
Specializing in Custom Haircuts,Color,Hair Painting, Extensions, Special Occasion, and Makeup

Syrra Salon FAQ

What is the best products for volume?
We have lots a of products for volume but not all volume products are going to be right for everyone. Its always good to check with your stylist to see if your haircut is right for your hair type - that makes a huge difference in getting desired style. Some of my favorite are:

Brooklyn Bombshell Spray - Very lightweight great for fine or heavier hair- can be added with your faorite styling products.

Moroccan Oil Thickening Cream - Perfect for very fine flat hair. That doesnt nessesarily mean its thin, just good for that hair that will not get body!

Small Talk - This is a great styler for all hair types- its been my favorite for 16 years, I always got back to it! It adds volume and shine and just helps holds the style.

Curvy Queen- This is perfect for short hair or even bob length. It enhances any curl in your hair and has great body and hold!

How do I give myself a quick upstyle?
First thing is don't over think it. always start out with a little curl - not a lot just enough to get some bend in it. a soft side style is the easiest you can simply tie it in on knot and pin. its super simple and can go from day to night.

How to curl with a flat Iron?
Easiest way to curl is take 1" Flat iron with curved edges - Always use a heat protectant start in the middle of the section. Do one full turn (don't clamp too hard) then pull down. Easiest way to explain is like you're curling ribbon on a package. It's that easy.

How do I get that beachy wave?
Lots of options for beach waves- you can simply use a Texture Air dry cream ( like matrix BoHo series) and let your natural wave work. Next would be to curl your hair with your favorite tool - I always leaving the ends out so its not too fixed- then add a texture spray - Joico Beach Shake and Body shake are my favorite- theyre light weight add texture and a little hold - Sea Salt Sprays are great but when used too often theu can be drying so you need to be prepared for that!