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About Us

Tri-State STEM is a progressive new concept for high school providing the latest innovations in education to prepare students for college & beyond!

Tri-State STEM FAQ

What makes Tri-State STEM + M stand out?
The school is made by and for students and focuses on developing the habits of mind that will prepare students for a fast moving, ever-changing world. We don't want our students to cope with change. We want them to lead it. We believe that our approach to learning, one that embraces messiness, self-led-organization, and problem solving, will form the foundation our students need to create choices for themselves, and not be dependent on others to do so for them.

Do students have to be gifted or exceptional to succeed at your school?
No. Any student is eligible. We do not screen our students. Our learning approach does not need a head start in order to be effective. Our school will welcome any student and equip them with the tools to think, collaborate, and create. Within Ohio, any student can enroll. Outside of Ohio, any interested students must pay a relatively low tuition in order to make up the funding we would otherwise receive from the Ohio public school system.

How do interested families and students learn more about how to get involved?
Come to our open house on Thursday evening at 6:30pm! This is an opportunity to ask specific questions of concern to you, your family, and your child. If your child wants to build the future, wants to ask whatever questions they have about the present, and wants to apply the lessons learned from the past, in a stimulating and authentic environment that takes their needs seriously, we want to meet them and you. Come by and let's learn together if our school is a good fit for them.