Address: 675 10th Street Huntington, WV 25701 View Map
Phone: (304) 696-5510

About Us

Our team has a range of diverse people from many backgrounds, experiences, and interests. What unites us is that we’re all working towards a common goal: making Huntington a safer and better community. We welcome applications from anyone who wants to make a difference, regardless of your ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or faith. Huntington is a growing city and community, so bring your background and values to the job. We strive to be officers who serve their department and community before we serve ourselves.

Police Officers influence the lives of many. You’ll need to be able to make tough calls, build community, and instill confidence with the people of Huntington. You will need to understand the communities around you and be able to identify and examine problems that lead to trouble. If have the desire to become a part of something greater, don’t hesitate, apply now!