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Phone: (304) 791-7961

About Us

This is a 22 week program design for graduates of the Mountaineer Challenge Academy. The program provides Career and Vocational education leading to industry recognized certifications.

Mountaineer Job Challenge Program FAQ

Do I have to be a graduate of the Mountaineer Challenge Academy?
Yes. Only graduates of Mountaineer Challenge Academy qualify for the program.

What age groups are accepted into the program?
Students must be age 17.5 - 20 when the 22 week program starts.

Will students be required to perform Physical Training (PT)?
Yes. Students will maintain the Youth Challenge Program 8 Core Components which include Physical Fitness.

Will Students interact with Youth Challenge Cadets?
No. Job Challenge Program is a separate program with its own Instructors, Training Facilities, Living Quarters and Resident Staff.

Will Cell Phones be allowed?
No. The same discipline standards held in Youth Challenge will apply to Job Challenge.